What if
we had better

What if
we had better

What if we
took more time
to think and feel?

What if
life was more
like a festival?


Motus Mori Institute: CORPUS

What does it mean to have a body?


A performance-ritual co-devised by choreographer Katja Heitmann and Leeds residents aged 20s to 80s as part of the Motus Mori Institute project (a multi-year, multi-city archive of everyday human movement, collected, preserved and shared before it disappears).


Kyiv Producer Gathering Facilitation & Documentation

“Theatre is a playground for future strategies”

Co-facilitated and co-edited by Olga Diatel (proto produkciia) and Fanny Martin (Art of Festivals)

Supported by Insha Osvita and CIPA - Creative and Independent Producer Alliance

Launched at the 2024 Under the Radar Symposium

Professional visit to Ukraine produced by Insha Osvita in partnership with the Prague Civil Society Centre


A snapshot of what drives performing arts producers to continue working today in Ukraine, co-created during a study trip to Ukraine in November 2023.


‘Starting Well’ Research Residency

Creative research on setting up thriving collaborations

Hosted by The Ethics Centre, Sydney (Australia)


Initial research phase into the concept and practice of Starting Well



Creative Producers, let's connect! Crafting Networks is a series of discussions hosted by Fanny Martin (Art of Festivals) and William Ruiz Morales (Ouow Studio) at performing arts festivals across Europe during the summer of 2024. These sessions will provide an opportunity to collectively explore how producers connect and exchange amongst themselves, and how they build relationships with artists, presenters, funders, audiences and everyone involved in the ideation, creation, production, and circulation of live art. Crafting Networks is a Project of CIPA - Creative & Independent Producer Alliance co-produced by Art of Festivals and Ouow Studio with travel support from Motus Mori Institute / Katja Heitmann.

Art of Festivals founder Fanny Martin has been elected for a 3-year term as a member of the IETM Advisory Committee at the General Assembly of the IETM Plenary Meeting 2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Fanny Martin and MBZ’s Artistic Directors join over 1,000 delegates in Berlin for Classical:NEXT, the “Global Gathering For All Art Music Professionals”, to connect and reconnect with colleagues across the music sector.

Art of Festivals is starting a new collaboration with Music Biennale Zagreb and its parent organisation, the Croatian Composer Society, to produce the 33rd edition of Music Biennale Zagreb in April 2025.

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"Fanny Martin and Art of Festivals are some of my favourite collaborators for projects that require innovative thinking and creative producing. As a theatre-maker, I'd describe them as project and producing "dramaturgs": they ask thoughtful questions, diligently craft a project's goals and vision and make sure that we're on track. They excel at creating collaborative digital spaces for engaging teams and participants on digital platforms. Oh, and the Art of Festivals team is a riot to work with - meetings are so much fun!"

Sunny Drake, playwright

"Fanny brings such refreshing perspectives on how we can bring people together - online or in person - in ways that feel human, genuine, and respectful. We've all learned so much from her, and can't wait to work with her again. She wasn't afraid to challenge us in a productive way either. She is creative and intentional about bringing people into a space, whether that's online or in person. Also just great to work with - responsive, helpful, reliable."

Katherine Carleton, Executive Director

Orchestras Canada
"Fanny’s facilitation and planning of the IETM Belgrade 2022 Canadian delegation was outstanding, and helped encourage connections in a variety of contexts. I left feeling energized, inspired, and connected to a global community of theatre professionals."

Tom Carson, Executive Director

Smile Theatre
"It's very reassuring working with Fanny Martin. There's an emphasis on designing and learning together and being responsive to what is happening in the moment. Fanny's keen understanding of the arts and culture sector and areas of opportunities for sector advancement is brought forward in every step of the planning. Moreover, Fanny finds and brings out elements of joy and motivation during sessions - even when the topic is heavy!"

Stephanie Draker, Program Manager

"Art of Festivals did a great job of designing a multi-track programme that showed a deep understanding of the needs of our audience. They also went above and beyond in the contributor briefing process with detailed briefs, rehearsals and technical orientations on the platform. This resulted in high quality and well pitched speaker contributions and engaging panel discussions."

Tamsin Curror, Communications Manager

Centre for Cultural Value
“Fanny is extremely cogent and articulate about the vital topic of the arts’ relationship with other dimensions of society.”

Graham Devlin CBE, Arts Consultant

“Fanny’s ability to hold things together, along with her depth of strategic thinking and insight, are greatly valued.”

Peter Wiegold, Artistic Director

Club Inégales / Third Orchestra
“This was one of the best online events I’ve attended in a while, everything from the logistics, planning, communications to the event itself was flawless and extremely professional.”

Louis-Etienne Dubois, Associate Professor

Ryerson University
“Fanny was absolutely fantastic to work with! She brought our project to a much higher level than we could have achieved without her! Her commitment, passion, expertise, contact, production skills, and attention to detail were all invaluable. I learned a great deal and feel that my own future work will be better for having worked with Fanny.”

Natalie Dewan, Program Associate

Ontario Presents
“Art of Festivals was clear and direct. They provided fresh, new ideas about how to reach out to audiences and speakers and I appreciated the direction, ideas, and care given to our event. Art of Festivals was also impeccably organised!”

Meaghan Froh Metcalf, Network and Programs Director

Ontario Culture Days





Big Guy Studio
Art direction & graphic design
Glow Digital
Web & graphic design


We are guided by critical reflection on ethics, politics and aesthetics in everything we do, including where we work, who we work and don’t work with, how we work with individuals and institutions, and why we persist in producing bespoke structures for art & dialogue. 

Fanny Martin, Creative Director 

Helena Grdadolnik, Chair

Deborah Brewster, Secretary

Peter Martin, Treasurer

Art of Festivals is a member of CIPA (Creative & Independent Producer Alliance), IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) and Outdoor Arts UK.